Karma Shanti  -


"I have been working with Karma for about 5 years now. She first came into my life during one of my darkest phases, a time of major transition, and working with her has been a serious GAME CHANGER on every level in all dimensions of my existence. I am a psychic, empathic Starseed myself, and awakening to the reality of my being in all of its intricacies and fullness has been a wild ride, to say the least. The confidence, expertise comfort Karma's very BEING provides literally out of this world and I honestly cannot imagine this journey without her. Through her specific, personally developed, version of 'Matrix Energetics' and her many lifetimes of experience she has been gifted with the ability to facilitate HUGE and profound changes on Spiritual, physical, emotional and energetic levels. The more I learn and develop as an individual, the more I am able to value all she has given me. If you are serious about change, determined to grow, willing to do your part and in need of assistance she will expedite your personal process in ways you can't even yet imagine. Open your heart, let go and prepare to receive, this Masterful Healer can help. Many Blessings and Vibrant LOVE!!! There is no time to waste! ♡♡♡ THANK Karma. ☆☆☆"

Shakti Howeth - Artist
Santa Fe, NM

"Karma has been doing healings on one of my cats off and on for over a year. Sheba has been overweight for most of her life and has arthritis. When it gets bad she rarely gets out of the bed and you can see the swelling in her front paw joints. After a treatment from Karma, she is walking, jumping, and feeling more like herself. I have another cat, Sam, that Karma just recently started working with who has FIV. His stomach is upset most of the time. After working with Karma, he rarely gets sick and feels good enough to play some. Both of these cats are 14. I highly recommend her for both cats and humans. Karma"

Rhonda Dennis - Teacher
Yogaville, VA

"Karma's healing is the most comprehensive healing I have ever experienced. She works on so many levels at and is very responsive to so that I left feeling rejuvenated and vibrant and alive. I am really looking forward to continuing my healing journey with Karma."

Sharon Hughes Taylor - Counselor
Charlottesville, VA 

"Karma has helped me let go of physical, emotional, chemical and energetic issues that are no longer serving me. I always feel like I am floating after a treatment with her! THANK YOU!!"

Dr. Anna Bender, 
Richmond, VA

"Karma is a wonderful channel for loving, positive, Divine energy. She has an open, playfulness about her work but clearly takes her work and her mission on this Earth very seriously. For me personally, she has helped open up to allow my own energies to flow more freely and to release blocks that have been holding me back from my own mission and work. As a psychotherapist, I have referred many of my own clients in pain to her because I know she can help them move further with the work they are doing in therapy. She has helped immensely and I recommend her to anyone who wants to feel open, more free and relaxed and whole."

Karla Helbert - Therapist
Richmond, VA

"I have loved working with Karma over the past year. We met when I had recently lost my brother and it was a very difficult time. I've gone through many ups and downs and Karma has been right by my side cheering me on. Her work is magical, taking you to a different place, space and time. I highly recommend her work if you are looking for energy healing, coaching clearing that has been super stuck and you're ready to let it go once and for all."

Katie DePaola - Life Coach
Washington, DC

"Karma is an intuitive and loving soul. She is a natural healer with many gifts on many different levels. Whatever your issues are, Karma can help!"
Dawn Coleman, Counselor
Richmond, VA

" I had my first Thai Yoga Massage and Energy Healing session by Karma.It was truly an amazing experience. She is in tune with the mind, body, and spirit. She is very professional and gifted with her God's given gifts in helping others release old emotional baggage. I am so grateful for the many ways she has helped me see and understand the transformational power of energy healing. I had some heavy neck and shoulder issues that she cleared up for me. I can't wait to set my next appt. to do remote phone energy healing session. And if you've never had a Thai Yoga Massage, you will love it! ..... Thank you so much Karma for what you do. "

Khadija Lakshmi Essaadi, Chef
Virginia Beach, VA

"I met Karma during a particularly intense spiritual awakening. I knew I needed extra support, and Karma was there to guide me! She both held the space for me to explore what I needed to explore and also cleared massive blocks that I couldn't on my own. Over the course of energy get lighter and lighter. In one instance, a clearing we performed on the call showed up in reality only a couple days later! I would recommend Karma to anyone who is feeling spiritually stuck, or even like they want to feel more joyful than they do now. She is the real deal and I highly recommend her! "

Natalie - Life Coach
Venice Beach, CA

"So much relief from soreness and stiffness! I estimate that I gained 5 degrees rotational movement in my neck after my first session with no pain. Truly amazing."

Keyser, WV

"I was looking for help in finding forgiveness and peace after my divorce when a friend referred me to Karma. From the first time I met her, I felt at home and in a place of pure love and peace. She has helped me to finally work through the anger, sadness and fear that followed the ending of one chapter of my life so that I can move toward my next chapter as a happier, more confident and whole Being. She combines her amazing energy work with her intuitive knowledge allowing for healing that is profound and rapid. With the addition of her EFT training and coaching, I am making faster progress on my personal path using her techniques on my own time in conjunction with our one-on-one sessions. The progress I have realized has been amazing! I recommend Karma Shanti to anyone who is looking for a counselor and teacher that can help them move into a happier, healthier life they can love!"

Angie Clausen – Accountant
Glen Allen, VA

"Karma is a wonderful channel for loving, positive, Divine energy. She has an open, playfulness about her work but clearly takes her work and her mission on this Earth very seriously. For me personally, she has helped open up to allowing my own energies to flow more freely.  I have been able to release old blocks that have been holding me back from my own mission and work. As a psychotherapist, I have referred many of my own clients in pain to her because I know she can help them move further with the work they are doing in therapy.  She has helped me immensely and I recommend her to anyone who wants to feel open, more free and relaxed and whole."

Karla H - Psychotherapist
Richmond, VA 

"Karma is an incredibly gifted She is intuitive, compassionate and strong. Her toolbox includes many methods that facilitate powerful insights and growth and healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I often recommend her to anyone who has the time and opportunity to work with her, whether you are looking for support, guidance or simply relaxation. My time with her is valued on many levels."

Dawn Coleman -  
Richmond, VA

"After somehow surviving the worst year of my life I felt like I was being pulled down into a dark pit from which I would never return. A trusted friend recommended that I see Karma for massage and energy work. I did and she was instrumental in helping me regain my will to live. I don't know exactly what she did but I left her after that first session with a glow and the knowledge that I didn't ever have to get down in that pit again. Her loving compassion is and her intuition is solid. She is the real deal. Oh, and she gives a great massage, too. I am ever grateful she was brought into my orbit." 

Sri Devi Jone -  Integral Yoga Teacher
Yogaville, VA

"I had my first Thai Yoga Massage and energy session by Karma. What an amazing experience. she is In tune with the mind, body, spirit. She is very professional and gifted with her Gods given gifts in helping others.I am so grateful how she has helped me see and understand the power of energy healing. I had some heavy neck and shoulder issues that she cleared up for me. I can't wait to set my next appt. to do phone energy healing session. And if you've never had a Thai Yoga Massage, you will love it. Thank you so much Karma for what you do."

E. - Chef
Va. Beach, VA

"Karma is an intuitive and loving soul. She is a natural healer with many gifts on many different levels. I really enjoyed my sessions with her. Whatever your issues are, Karma can help!"

Dawn Hale - Substance Abuse Counselor
Annandale, NJ

"I have loved working with Karma over the past year. We met when I had recently lost my brother and it was a very difficult time. I've gone through many ups and downs and Karma has been right by my side cheering me on. Her work is magical, taking you to a different place, space and time. I highly recommend her work if you are looking for energy healing, coaching clearing that has been super stuck and you're ready to let it go once and for all." 

Katie DePaolo -
Washington, DC

"When I came to Karma, I was feeling a lot of old fears, patterns, and limiting beliefs resurfacing and felt like I was really just trying to drown them out and run away from them.  Through our work together, Karma assisted in bringing up these old patterns in order to clear and transform.  Unlike other times I have been working through patterns where I feel like I am more so utilizing a mental process to consciously choose different thoughts and beliefs, the work with Karma feels much deeper, and more of a heart based process, almost as if the old energies need to be brought up and fully "sat with" in order to clear.  My mother passed away four years ago and although I, of course, have cried many times about it, I was never really able to fully feel the depth of that emotional pain and TRULY release it, as I was always trying to just be strong and "handle it".  About a week after our second session, I found myself uncontrollably crying in my bathroom, feeling all of the grief, sadness, and heartache, just take over and release.  It sounds painful, but it actually felt like the biggest release I have experienced emotionally of my life.  I truly believe that my work with Karma is allowing me to actually move through the gunk, instead of continuing to pretend it's not there.  I highly recommend working with Karma to anyone who needs support around clearing toxic energies, limiting beliefs and patterns, or emotional blockages.  Truly remarkable what this woman does!!" 

Kelly Atwood - Life Coach 
Austin, TX

"I had a healing session with Karma and it was a powerful experience!  She was able to determine my Energetic situation, glimpse into my Past Lives, Clear negative patterns from childhood AND old Karmic patterns, and all with a sense of fun and ease. I highly recommend Karma's Healing Sessions. "

Susie Gutierrez -  Life Coach
Alexandria, VA

"I came to see Karma feeling very frustrated about my employment, I had just graduated from school and was feeling very trapped in a dead end low pay job.  I did a session with her around finding employment that was and with better pay and benefits.  We dove into my false beliefs around lack and not being good enough, we called in the "Wise Crone" to help me step into my wisdom.  As she worked on me I had the vision of being between two waterfalls and energy flowing in.  It has been three months and three sessions and things have changed dramatically! 
I just fell into a job opportunity I never saw, it is working in the field I want to be in with amazing new opportunities to learn.  The people there are wonderful and heartfelt, very human, I feel safe.  I am enjoying learning new things and am continually encouraged and supported.  The integration has been expansive and amazingly fluid. 
This has been a long time prayer answered.  A place where I can give and receive, where my humanness is welcome and patients and tenderness are a daily practice.   Plus the pay increase and benefits are amazing as well. I highly recommend Karma's service for anyone feeling stuck financially and wanting to attract more abundance into their lives."

Sharon Fotis  - Substance Abuse Counselor
Richmond, VA

"Karma Shanti is a true Oracle who clearly reflects her name. She is one of the greatest guides I have met along my journey, one who is trustworthy and with powerfully loving intention. Karma allows me the sacred space and guidance to let go of blocks and forward accelerated grace. I truly believe Karma Shanti is sent here on Earth to help empower lightworkers by bringing them healing and bringing them into their divine purpose. Not only am I grateful for her, I am in awe."

Jennifer Cardon - Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Richmond, VA

"Karma has a unique healing practice which enables her to quickly get to the source of your issues.  Her work is cutting edge and I felt results immediately.  In my experience, her work is  I highly recommend her. She is very professional and emits an authentic compassion for her client's well being.  You will be in the very best of care!  Don.'t hesitate to contact her now and end your pain and suffering."

Kamala Nelson - Integral Yoga Instructor
Atlantic Beach, NC

" Dearest Karma,
We really had a wonderful Miracle Healing today, I have been bedridden since last Sunday with sciatica.  And when you began to speak into my body, the BRIGHT light lit up my living room and dining room, with the blinds closed, and I was sitting in the middle of it all and received my healing, my legs and hips stopped the sharp pains and I got up and started walking and dancing without pain.  Thank You for helping me with your healing treatment.  Love you, Portia"

Portia Seanoa - Spiritual Counselor
Lutz, FL

"A session with Karma is a wonderful healing experience. She is a caring, compassionate and gifted healer.  I had a session with Karma right after a very bad accident.  I had to overcome some severe injuries which included learning to walk again and having major facial reconstructive surgery.  I was in extreme pain months after surgery and that pain kept me up every night.  I experienced strange irritating sensations in my face due to the nerve damage.  After my session, my face felt normal again.  During I felt my tired muscles relax.  I had a sense of calm and reassurance wash over me.  My ability to walk has rapidly improved and I can now go nearly normal instead of having to turn sideways and side step up the
Karma is a wonderful human being and a humble and gifted healer ... I highly recommend her!"

Barbara Sowers-   Animal Husbandry
Charlotte, NC

"After receiving bodywork from Karma Shanti, lively, joyous, relaxed and present version of myself revealed itself. The session was extraordinarily cleansing to the point where I felt all my barriers were washed away. Karma's healing hands and extensive knowledge provided safe space for openness and transformation. Her intuition and heart lead the session in a way that created a powerful process and even more powerful results. Thank Karma for your contribution toward humanity and for using your gift in such great capacity! Looking forward to our next session."

Maryandra P - Yogaville Programs Director 
Yogaville, VA

"The session with Karma was playful, comical and informative. I was able to move through some challenges by merely looking at them and smiling about the truth of it all."

Karuna Marcotte 
Yogaville, VA

"This was a new experience for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. I left relaxed, "loose" and my feet felt like they belonged to a and still do today! Karma was easy to talk to and spend time with, making the session very comfortable for me. Her knowledge and intuitive abilities were impressive. The changes I feel today from my appointment yesterday tell me that Karma has the ability to make a big difference in the mind, body soul of those she works with. I'll be back."
Lee Germain  - Retired
Richmond, VA

"My experience with Karma was so magical, empowering, beautiful, emotional, freeing, and awakening. It was a unique experience that I believe only she could offer. She uses her deep, powerful and practiced intuition and her openness to higher sources to help guide her in doing exactly what YOU need at that specific moment. She remains free from and accepting of who you are and where you're at in life throughout the whole session. I felt safe and relaxed in her gentle and beautiful energy. I'm so grateful for her and her services!"

Sundari B - Yogi, Care Giver
Yogaville - Buckingham, VA

"Karma Shanti is a spectacular Massage Therapist and Energy Healer.  She helped me release the chronic pain in my back and legs. When I first started working with her, I walked with a cane and now I am delighted to say I no need it!  With I have dramatically improved my diet and eating habits. In I feel healthier, happier and more relaxed than I have in years. I highly recommend her service! Thank you so much Karma"

Azi Blass - Fashion Designer
Richmond, VA

"Karma is a gifted, intuitive healer, fluent in many modalities such as massage, Reiki, homeopathy, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Matrix, guided imagery. In my sessions with Karma, she channels a tremendous wave of helpful, loving, joyous, energy toward me. I feel safe in Karma's presence to open to this playful, creative, grounded, fun, sacred, detailed and practical healing. Karma helps her clients own their roots and wings of power, potential, and possibility. Karma sees into the souls of her clients with great acceptance and respect for the sacredness all. She heals on many levels -- physical, emotional, karmic, psychic. Best of all, Karma's healing sessions continues to unfold in the days and weeks after each appointment. She is generous and kind, intelligent, imaginative, resourceful, well educated, with a balance of innocence wisdom that can untangle knots of discord in body, mind spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend Karma's Healing Hands of Light!"

Kaveri Helsley, Nurse / Yoga
Buckingham, VA 

"I was fortunate to have met Karma through a recommendation by a friend. Her intuitions have been very accurate and insightful, helping me get through a very stressful and trying period in my life.She is an asset on my journey. Her Massages are Deeply Relaxing.  Her visions have been assets in   I get great value out of our treatments ... I recommend her highly!."

Lilli Terry - Retired
Richmond, VA

"Having just had my massage I feel born again. I love the Matrix Energetic work with Karma. I think Karma is a gifted facilitator for moving unwanted thoughts and energy out and bringing new options in. I noticed the momentum of this work as I kept going once a month.and I feel better and able make changes that are needed in my life. Sometimes I just want to go for a soothing massage but I always find myself working through old patterns in my thinking as my body releases tension. It's all great! Karma"

Karuna Howeth - Baker
Yogaville - Buckingham, VA

"Each energy session with Karma yields different results. I feel my sessions are individualized and address my healing and energy needs based what I bring to a session at that particular I highly recommend Karma's energy services because she provides more therapeutic techniques than those received during a typical massage."

Janice Hairston - Counselor
Richmond, VA

"I truly believe that I was brought to Virginia to meet and heal with Karma Shanti.  She has helped to drastically reduce my anxiety and migraine headaches in just a few months.  I have tried conventional medicine, and it does not even come close to Karma’s different techniques of energy work, massage therapy, reiki, acupressure (and the list goes on!).  Her talents are infinite and I look forward to becoming my better self each and every time I see her.  I am now fascinated by Matrix Energetics and am reading up on it myself.  I’ve also recommended my entire family to her!"

Kelly Coble -  Attorney
Spring Lake, NC

“I Just wanted you to know I experienced immediate (and continuing) relief from symptoms after my Tuesday visit.  I awoke in the wee hours of Tuesday night completely drenched... toxins were being expelled. I had thought surgery to be an inevitable and quickly approaching certainty.   I am happy to find this conclusion has been proven wrong. I am looking forward to entering into wholeness on many levels...indeed am noting joy unfold itself to spread over a broad spectrum of thought and feeling.
Thank You for finding and exercising your gift.”

Susan W. 
Richmond, VA

"I sought treatment from Karma for multiple issues, ranging from chronic social anxiety; to the recent and, to me, alarming onset of swollen feet and ankles; to nagging injuries accumulated over a lifetime of pushing my body. But whatever our focus, there is always marked and immediate improvement after an appointment. Plus Karma's mix of treatment and recommended lifestyle changes ensure that the improvement is not just temporary. It would be an understatement to say that I am pleased with the results. I am convinced that Karma is a genuine healer and I feel blessed to be in her care."

Purusha L. 
Scottsville, VA

"When I started working with Karma Shanti, I was in a place that was not very happy. She scheduled me for a Matrix Energetics session...not too long afterward, I could feel like stuff was seriously shifting. I was no longer in that unhappy place emotionally. Stuff started flowing for me in ways I could not even have imagined, my own intuitions about things were confirmed!...now I am stepping into a whole new way of being. And this is close to a year later...I think of what would have happened if I had not done that initial Matrix Energetics session. I can't put into words how this healing modality has helped...I feel far more empowered than I ever have. And I'm moving upward! Whatever patterns you have that you're tired of, Matrix Energetics can help shift it. Especially if set your intention to heal!
:-) Thank Karma for your service! :-)"

Kat - Student
Marshalltown, IA

"Karma's work is like nothing I have ever experienced. She is not only a gifted intuitive at releasing pain patterns in the body, but she brings relief and repair to harmful or painful patterns in the mind and emotions also. AND if you have a goal or a dream to manifest, she can help make it happen! I feel more and more expansive, positive, peaceful and easeful in my life since I started seeing Karma for the bio-energetic bodywork that she offers. I have been able to realize a cherished goal that I had to work from home, but more importantly, with Karma's I am healing in my body as well as important family relationships, and I am taking so much better care of myself. "

Kaveri Helsley - Registered Nurse / Integral Yoga Instructor
Yogaville, VA

"Karma is a wonderful massage therapist and gifted, intuitive healer. I feel that her work is supporting my blossoming. That's why I keep coming back."

Vickie Heland.  -  Realtor / Massage Therapist
Richmond, VA

"Karma is great. She is truly a holistic healer and is aware of how important mind and spirit are to a healthy body. She is very good at finding knots and releasing them. She brings relief to areas of chronic pain and is able to find and correct all of the other parts of the body that may be connected to the disuse.
I highly recommend the 90 hot stone treatment. It really makes a difference."

John S. - LCSW
Richmond, VA

Thank Karma! Today was the first day in about 6 weeks that I can turn my head from side to side without pain.   Your therapeutic session yesterday and your advice to press in the Acupressure points in my neck while breathing deeply really worked!  I am so grateful.  God Bless you.

Svetlana Stocks -  Retired
Richmond, VA

"Karma has truly touched my life in a very positive way. I have no doubt that God sent me her way to help me on my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I went in for a massage and came out with so much more. She helped me release a lot of pain and stress with her kind words, helpful healthy tips, and her powerful healing touch."

Dawn G. -  Teacher
Richmond, VA

"I'm so pleased with the care and discipline Karma. She asks all the right questions and listens to my needs and provides a service greater than any therapist I've previously visited. My individual results are a proven testament to the dedication to her work. I will recommend everyone to her "Healing Hands

Jeff Stonich - Self Employed
Richmond, VA

"When I originally walked into your office, I was in so much pain, the painkillers the doctor was giving me was not stopping the pain.  When I got off your table
I should say, I have had two sets of x-rays, an MRI and blood work up that showed nothing was wrong.   However, I was in intense pain even when sitting and was walking or standing as little as possible.   After two with you, I am almost back to my regular routine and am still having a little discomfort with the knee but I know part of it is from the lack of using it for a month. I am recommending you to anyone, who has a problem.

Rhonda Dennis  - Teacher
Yogaville, VA

I wanted to express my experience on my sessions with Karma Shanti- Energy Alchemist. After a session, I Always feel light and happy!
I have wanted to see Karma Shanti for several years. An opportunity presented itself at the right time. My body, mind, and emotions were jammed up and left me feeling drained and depressed. 
I felt like there was a lot of karmic debris that had been building up and needed a “clearing”.
I resonate very well with energy work. I have learned various modalities through the years. With that said, there is still a time when one needs another Healer to help clear out all the crapola - well, to gain clarity and ultimately, .to feel better! Karma Shanti can see what “we” (the client) may not see because we are so “close” to it or “stuck” in it.
Upon entrance of Karma’s Healing Arts Studio, I felt like I had walked through a portal. Black standing stones, with quartz streaming through them, flank the stairs. From the jump start, emotional baggage was already lifting. The room where we begin our work is clean and clear with a few plants and stones displayed. The layout of the Healers room is important to me.
I had so much stuff clogged up on every level, PEMS, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual - I just unloaded! Phew! What a relief just to give voice to the stuff! I took full faith and trust in Karma Shanti and shared things I would not even share with a Psychiatrist. She didn’t flinch.
Karma has been intuitive since childhood. She tunes into her own guidance system and is also tuned into that also show her and tell her what they see. The interpretations are on a multidimensional level; as we are multidimensional beings. I am totally clueless on how she interprets the guidance she gets, as she receives it on a personal level that has been developed through the years of her own understanding. However she gets the information, it appears to be spot on and resonates with my own interpretation.
Karma’s expressions of some of ”my stuff” validated my own understanding and my perspective of what was going on. Other things were windows that opened up a vista of awakenings that percolated a bright avenue of seeing myself in a new light.
If you are open to receive the information and guidance; healing will unfold to your true nature. Keep in mind and heart, we are energy, emotional beings.
It is a 4-5 step process, if not more. The entry, prayers and, grounding. Subjects you want to discuss. Then the fun begins. Karma tunes in and interprets; some things go back to other life expressions. Energetic blockages are released and replaced with a new fresh energy using Light, Sound, and Sacred Geometry of the highest, purest, cleanest, vibration. The original formula of my Divine DNA Blueprint emerges and I feel great!
I give myself time to integrate what is going on. I like to journal information that comes through and write down my thoughts and feelings surrounding my experience. I may do this for a week or more and pay attention to what is going on around me and I look at synchronicities that arise.
When I leave, I feel grounded and at the same time, I walk on air. I feel absolutely fantastic, energetic, heart expanded open and loving; my mind is at peace. I am released from the baggage I originally walked in with. It’s always an amazing, beautiful experience for me. I love Karma Shanti’s work! I feel certain, those that resonate with this kind of healing energy will be divinely guided to Karma Shanti. 

Shakti Devi Rain - Retired
Buckingham, VA

Karma Shanti is one of the most powerful and gifted healers I've ever worked with. I have experienced 2 private sessions with Karma, one in person and one by remote/distance, and we've facilitated a healing circle together. Karma's work is excellent in all ways.
I've worked with more than a thousand healers in the past decade, who practice countless modalities, and I know hundreds of healers who incorporate their own unique intuitive methods and styles into the modalities they've studied. I am blown away by the broad range of influences Karma partners with during sessions -- all the forces of Nature, the Ascended Masters, our ancestors, plant & animal spirits, magical mystical beings and more.
I confront a lot of darkness in my own work as a healer and psychic, so I rely on my colleagues to balance and clear me regularly. I gauge the effectiveness of a session on how much I purge energetically, and by how much I feel, both the dark stuff the light and love coming in. What I felt in both private sessions with Karma confirms that she is a top-notch powerhouse healer.Karma is currently based in Buckingham VA on the campus of Yogaville. I look forward to touring with Karma and facilitating larger events together. I give my highest recommendation to Karma Shanti for private sessions in person, or by remote, and to facilitate healing circles for your community.

Alan Pratt - Psychic Healer
Miami FL

I had been a smoker for 18 years. To say I had several failed quit attempts would be the understatement of the century. I used everything available on the market to try to quit: patches, lozenges, gum, meditation, e-cigs, cold turkey, and nothing had lasting results. I could quit for a little while but then I would always go back to it because, after that many years, smoking had become a best friend to me. I had several sessions with Karma where we worked on other issues in my life, with remarkable positive results, so I had confidence that I could ask her to help me kick this smoking thing once and for all. She said she would. AND SHE DID!❣️ In one session: the desire to smoke, the instinct to smoke, gone. It's just not there anymore, at all! It's almost as if I had never smoked. Dear smoker life: I'm not sorry we broke up but I am so grateful to have this new smoke free life available to me! Thank you, Karma, for changing my world ...  ✨❤️✨  

S. Harrison - Self Employed Hair Artist
Richmond, VA

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